Boom Sound

The heavyweight sound from Bristol town

Boom Sound Recordings is the freshest underground record label to come out of Bristol in recent years. It’s a family affair, curated by bass-music addicted, Reggae-fied, sound system heads who are the driving force behind some of the hypest music on the circuit today.

The recent hype around Boom Sound is largely due a torrent of heavy releases and sellout shows. DJs as varied as Rodigan, Toddla T, Donn Letts, Ras Kwame, DJ Marky and Andy C have been playing Boom Sound tracks on the radio and in their sets, Autumn 2017 sees a string of ‘Boom Sound meets Mungos HiFi’ events and things are spiralling out of control from there.

The team come fresh with a new standard of sub-friendly dance music which they call the Boom Sound and it is a versatile selection of lovingly crafted tracks designed to be both felt and heard. The style emerges from a melting pot of Jungle, Hip Hop, Dubstep, Reggae, Dub, House and Garage - a true reflection of Bristol’s open music policy where every track is delivered with a wink and a smile.

Key artists include FLeCK, Gardna, Jinx in Dub, Kreed, Parly B, Eva Lazarus, Tiffani Juno, Leo Samson & ASBO Disco, plus musicians, vocalists, producers & remixers from across the globe. The Boom Sound family continues to grow.