Experiments in Dubwise soundscapes

'Solid foundations of polished drums and electronic bass are coloured with futuristic Eastern melodies and cinematic effects’ - begins to unearth the intelligent sounds of Kreed. Whether focus is on Dubstep, Dancehall, Grime or a simple Breakbeat; outstanding production values and effortless chic separate Kreed’s music from the rest.

Kreed’s work ethic is of quality over quantity, the innovative over the tried and tested. Where others may settle on a simplistic idea taken through the motions in order to produce the finished piece, Kreed will make several approaches to an idea before breaking it down to it’s purest form.

In some ways Kreed shows all the hallmarks of a scientist at work. His studio is like a laboratory of sounds which he’s crafted from the finest base materials which he then manipulates via lengthy experimentation to create something truly unique. Unlike a scientist, however, is his ability to provoke emotion and feeling through his work which renders him quite a mystery to the listener.

To attempt to pigeon hole Kreed is a sin as the artist will create what he creates. Influences move through contemporary Dub styles, modern downtempo Electronica and experimental rhythms from across the spectrum. As time goes on we will see how the sound of the Kreed really becomes known to the masses.