Riddim maker, bass player and producer specialized in digital Reggae

Manudigital has been involved in Reggae music for more than 15 years now and has worked with many artists such as Biga Ranx, Babylon Circus, Sizzla, Jah Mason, Skarra Mucci, General Levy, Lt Stitchi, Papa Michigan, Chezidek, Queen Omega…

Manu's recent surge of interest followed the creation of his various web series such as :

● "Digital Session" with Skarra Mucci, Pupajim, Soom T, General Levy...

● "Inna Mi Room" with Sizzla, Carl Meeks

● "Back Inna Days" recuts of Punnany Riddim, Duck Riddim...

These are being shared worldwide across social media inspiring new fans every day.

Now it is time for him to present his own project with a series of 3 EPs called “Digital Lab” followed up by his 1st solo album and a new live/video project recorded in Jamaica.

The solo album features Biga Ranx, Skarra Mucci, Soom T, General Levy, Taiwan MC, Jamalski, Flavia Coelho, King Kong, Joseph Cotton & many more - Out 29 of January 2016 with a worldwide tour of France, Europe and South America.

Manudigital is licensed to Boom Artists in agreement of X-Ray Production, FR