The ASBO Disco

Adam Crawford, or largely known as The ASBO Disco, is an innovative and pioneering British DJ whose cohesive yet diverse DJ sets and eagle eye for fresh tunes sets him aside from his peers. His larger than life selections feature fresh music from the artists he supports in The ASBO Disco Radio Show plus crate dug classics which span decades and consist largely of Reggae, Hip Hop, Ska and Dance music: all genres which are derived from eras of uprising and therefore have soul, integrity and usually huge sub bass too. His selections are known as 'Music for the Massive' and when played together create an ASBO Disco.

The ASBO Disco is known for playing extended sets for some of the UK’s finest boutique festivals with Boomtown Fair, Sunrise, Shambala and Eden all getting in on the action during 2013. He is also in demand to play at various live music events and is often drafted in to take charge of second rooms when a variety is in order. It's an experience to dance through the different styles he plays and is a joy how they match the time and place perfectly.


“ASBO Disco is one of the coolest platforms my music has been played on. Big up.” Benny Page, Digital Soundboy.

“When The ASBO Disco plays, everybody dances,” Adam Wolf, Mr Wolfs, Bristol.

"When the zombie virus breaks out and the dead walk the earth, The ASBO Disco will still be the wickedest party in the world," The Skints, London.

“ASBO Disco runs the universe,” Solo Banton, Reality Shock.