The Human Gun

“UZIMON A DI BOSS!” - Walshy Fiyah, Major Lazer

Straight out the Island of Bermuda and into the heart of Babylon, UZIMON has raised collective eyebrows and mashed collective dances worldwide. UZIMON celebrates the freak in all of us, the freak we dare to let shine, through a kaleidoscope of Dancehall, Roots-Reggae, Rub-a-Dub and Rawcous Rocksteady.

UZIMON is a fav on the US and Canada college circuit and a regular sellout in NYC. He has worked with and been produced by top producer Ticklah (Dubside of the Moon), featured in Vice Magazine’s Noisey and even personally invited by Major Lazer to perform onstage with them (who are admittedly huge fans). 

His video “Steven Seagal” reached viral status after being featured on the front page of the infamous Pirate Bay, and Large Up Magazine, the world’s top Tastemaker for Reggae hailed his work as “a masterstoke, genius”.

Whether a live set with his band who are renowned for capturing the raw authenticity of the heaviest of Kingston Riddim Sections or as an all-action soundsystem set, there is oodles of crowd participation and his blend of humour, improvisation and the frenetic energy he delivers make him a huge pleaser at both festivals and clubs alike. 

UZIMON has successfully evolved from a novelty act started as a lark in 2007 into a legitimate live experience, and an artist who keeps his fans guessing, always encouraging them to celebrate good music and remember life is far too important to be taken seriously.

His forthcoming release produced by Brett Tubin of Channel Tubes Records will feature work from some of the top musicians in the business, including members of the Dap-Kings, The Budos Band, the legendary reggae guitarist Andy Bassford (Toot & the Maytals/Dennis Brown) and more. Also watch out for his forthcoming web series inna 2016!!