Dossa (Feat Deliman). Rock a Dub, Run Tingz Digital

It might only be March, but 2013 is shaping up to be the year of the Junglist. It’s about time… Exactly 20 years since seminal scene-shaping anthems such as Studio 2’s ‘Who Jah Bless’ the fusion of reggae, ragga and firing breakbeats is still a huge influence on dancefloors. And Bristol beat boutique Run Tingz are leading the charge.

The third Run Tingz Digital dispatch of the year, ‘Rock a Dub’ is one of 12 big releases the label have locked and loaded for 2013… And the first one to herald two major artist deals!

Dossa is a young producer from the sleepy Austrian town of St Poelten. A drummer since the age of six, and producer since the age of 16, Dossa was brought up on a strict diet of beats thanks to his older brother. With fingers in both Drum & Bass and Jungle pies, his ragga-ravaged output can now be found exclusively on Run Tingz. And it starts here with this beautiful sing-along skank-up with fellow countryman Deliman.

‘Rock a Dub’ sparkles with instant uplift vibes. Opening with a rave-horn call to action, we’re soon swept off our feet with a series of blistering breakbeats and Deliman’s honey-soaked harmonies. One of Vienna’s most in-demand vocalists, Deliman’s mic-massaging bolsters Run Tingz on-going crusade for original vocal recordings. A contemporary Jungle lullaby, ‘Rock A Dub’ rolls with equal measures of embracive softness and bottom end badness – perfect for parties, festivals and end-of-night group hugs.

Never content with just one version, the camp have dished up two equally rocking rubs. The Run Tingz Cru step up first with their Bass Remix. Leaning heavily on the skank for a slightly deeper, dubbed out groove, the label heads pay full respect to the original while adding their own trademark dynamics. Fuelling the breakdown with an authentically classic and crackly reggae swing, the Bass Remix really lives up to its name when the drop comes into play. Turbo-charged low-end licks all the way, if this hasn’t got your crowd skanking you’re playing on the wrong bill.

Finally we hit J-Man’s classically informed Jungle remix. Swapping the thick, textured breakbeats of Dossa’s original for snappier, stripped-back drum work, J-Man dives deep into the groove using Deliman’s full vocal and the juiciest bassline of the set. With ace Amen action and mesmerising levels of sub bass, it’s yet another remix triumph for the label… And the start of an exciting relationship between the dub plate munching Bristol badman and Run Tingz. Like Dossa, he’s just signed an exclusive two year deal with the label so expect big things…

Three killer tracks and a couple of two-year record deals. It looks like 2014 will be the year of the Junglist too!

Dossa (Feat Deliman)

1: Rock a Dub [Original Mix]

2: Rock a Dub [Run Tingz Cru Bass Remix]

3. Rock a Dub [J-Man Jungle Remix]

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